Top-quality production customized to meet your events needs.

At Velocity Productions® you get more than just good gear and a weekend producer. You get a team of professionals who will get to know your brand, understand your message, share your goals, and help you create an event experience that reaches your target audience. There’s no gap from contract to event with us. Instead, we go with you through every step of the event-planning and production process.

Our Formula

Define the Why:

Every event starts with strategy. What is the ideal outcome of the event? Why are we communicating this information? Defining the why upfront ensures an aligned and successful event for everyone involved.

Build Trust Early:

We’ll work with your team every step of the way. From weekly check-ins to week-off run throughs, we’ll ensure ever everyone is in the know leading up to the event.

Make Emotional Connections:

We approach production with a people-first mindset. Every decision we make, from technology to event flow, is made with the audience in mind.

Deliver Compelling Content:

We don’t chase cool, we chase compelling. Compelling content connects with your audience and motivates them towards action.

Motivate Attendees to… :

Every step of our formula is designed to serve your call to action. How do you want your attendees to respond, feel, act? The event we produce will guide the audience towards your desired outcome.

Like most companies, we had to make a quick shift from a live event to a virtual gathering in 2020. Without Velocity, I don’t know that we could’ve made it happen so successfully

Tamra Leif


Resound Summit

Velocity has become a great partner to us over the years. From start to finish, they're hands-on helping us shape our vision and then make it come to life.

Krystin McConnell + Steve Stenstrom


Pro Athletes Outreach (PAO)

Velocity has been a partner to us in everything from live events and huge projects to solving our seemingly smallest problems and helping with the last-minute details.

Geof Morin



Velocity has been our go-to production team for events over the past 15-years - live, virtual and hybrid. They are true partners who believe anything is possible…and make it happen.

Rob McCloskey


Q Ideas

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