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Since 2007 Q has been creating a forum for progressive ideas. The production needs of the annual Q Conference demand progressive leadership. Q presents a unique set of audio/video challenges including brief speakers, theatrical lighting, quick transitions, stand alone speakers and panel discussions… to name a few.

This is not your average audio/video/lighting ticket. Brian Pirkle, the man behind Velocity Productions, has been leading the behind-the-scenes team from the beginning.

Gabe Lyons, the man behind Q, explains why:
”Brian brings a high level of professionalism to all of his events and he understands the nuanced needs of each client.”

Extensive or intimate. From ground-up creative processing through execution. Bridging the divide between technology and program. Velocity is fully present at each stage of your project. What you’re producing matters to us because it matters to you. We want to be there.

Gabe wants us there, too. He appreciates what our presence adds:
”Communication with the crew is clear, patient and respectful. Last minute changes are handled calmly.”

That’s the kind of feedback we love to hear.

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